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The Drink: Mighty Bee

Why: It is not just about what the food is ‘free-from’, but instead and more importantly, what the food is ‘made-with’. This dessert has a lot of organic ingredients used in making it.

Why: MightyBee proudly boasts an ethically-conscious team who understands that businesses can also act as a force for good. They are own customers – and believe what will never change is the goodness of nature’s harvest. They aim to deliver honest future foods that our everyone can enjoy, and this beautiful, pink coconut water will blow you away.


Aduna Moringa Superleaf powder is one of the UK’s newest and best-selling superfoods. Made from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa ‘Miracle Tree,’ it’s got more than 13 essential vitamins and minerals at RDA levels inside it, nearly 25% plant protein and is high in antioxidants. The Miracle Bar combines deliciously sweet mangos with protein-packed cashew nuts, fiery ginger and super-green moringa powder, cold-pressed to create a healthy snack that’s free from preservatives, additives, gluten, da

iry, wheat and refined sugar.


It’s better for you than the regular peanut butter that you eat. Made using hi-oleic peanuts gives the peanut butter a fat profile more akin to virgin olive oil than your average peanut butter – the fat in them is over 80% mono-unsaturated as opposed to the 55% in normal peanuts. This means not only is Manílife peanut butter naturally tastier, it’s naturally healthier too! It can help regulate appetite, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, increase our fat oxidation rate… It even serves as an anti-oxidant, so enjoy it right now!

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