About us

About us

Our store is a proud online retailer, selling organic, vegan, and healthy food both online and offline! Our Product list consists of everything from organically grown US and tropical fruits and Seasonal produce to natural dairy, meats and poultry, and grows day by day!

We now have a wide range of organic Baby products.
Greenville distributes to over 500 supermarkets, delis, and health food shops in New York City and nearby counties. Our products are fresh, tasty, and most of all Healthy.Johnny Cage, Greenville founder



Originally, the store was founded in 1999 by 3 college friends – Gary, Webber, and Theresa.

The original concept they initially had in mind was all about becoming a top destination not just for vegans, but for healthy food lovers nationwide!


This year the chain expanded to 3 offline retail stores…

Also, that same year we’ve founded our current website, becoming one of the first organic food online retailers in the US!


Exceptional quality and the combination of both offline and online retail have made us popular!

Just within the first half of 2009 we’ve seen our clientele growing doubly! That was even more amazing, considering the economic crisis…


Right now we are one of the biggest organic food online retailers in the US.

This allows us to cooperate with dozens of organic food brands and hundreds of small independent natural farms!